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We have Jelly Soap! Our Vegan Shower Jelly Soap is irresistibly fun to use and impossible to ignore once you see it jiggle! Get your hands on the hottest Personal Care Product of the Year!
Jelly Soap Base
Get your hands on the hottest Personal Care Product out there today.
Our Vegan Shower Jelly Soap is the real thing, not a homemade, Non-Vegan, gelatin version and is inspired by the Shower Jellies made popular by Lush Cosmetics.

Shower Soap Jellies are so much fun to use! They shake and jiggle holding their shape until you tear off a chunk and use it in the sink or shower.

This Soap isn't just fun and games, it has Glycerin Soap as a base, ensuring that it moisturizes as it cleans, leaving you refreshed and ready to go!
The Jiggle that Broke the Internet
Developed years ago, Shower Jellies Soap sat in relative obscurity until a video featuring them dancing and bouncing along surfaced online. Suddenly, everyone had to have them.

Customers fell in love with this fun to use, great looking and smelling product the minute they saw the video. We soon realized we wanted them too! Our great lab team did some great research and came up with our own, Vegan formula that is even better. Our Formulation is more stable and easier to work with, letting you customize your Jelly Soap easily.
Marketing Versatility
Take full advantage of the playful nature of Jelly Soap to market to a young crowd. Use bright colors and fun scents to capture the imagination and attention of these picky customers. Encourage them to pick one up so they can hold and smell your little jiggly gems.
You can also reach active, sports loving customers by showing them how great your body feels after showering with a frozen Shower Jelly Soap scented with bold Menthol/Minty fragrance. Yes, that's right, our Jelly Soap can be put in the fridge or freezer to give you a shower experience like no other!
Our Jelly Soap starts out as our simple, yet moisturizing Glycerin Soap Base. Carrageenan Extract (Chondrus crispus powder), an ingredient found in Seaweed, is added to give it it's signature jelly like consistency.
Our Jelly Soap Base is amazing as is but it can also be fully customized by adding one of our Great Scents, Additives or Extracts. If you are already familiar with Melt & Pour Soap Bases, working with our Jelly Soap should be very familiar to you. You simply melt the it over low and steady heat, preferably over a double-boiler until it is fully liquefied. Add Scent, Additives and Color and pour into your containers or molds. More detailed instructions are available under the Characteristics/Mixing Instructions tab.

Fragrance Load: Up to 1% for most applications. Please see mixing instructions tab for more info.
Characteristics: Clear viscous solid gel
Colorant: Please note that we will not add colorant to this formula.
Directions for use: Use same as you would any soap

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Review by (Posted on )
The best I tried
I used to buy this from another vendor online. But theirs was grainy sometimes and did not re batch correctly. This Jelly soap is amazing the juggle is great, hold fragrance very well and lathers nicely. I mold mine in critter molds. what an awesome product. Thanks
Review by (Posted on )
Customers Love This!
These soaps literally stop people in their tracks! And they can't stop jiggling them around once they put one in their hands, especially kids! Ordering more today!

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Product questions

What about Soap Jelly samples? Will you offer samples like your other products?
Yes samples are available on all our bases including the Jelly Soap. Click on the black choose options button and on the pop up select sample. Jelly soap base is always sold unscented ( both samples or gallons).
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Can you tell me if the jelly soap base is your individual company creation or is it the Stephenson brand as I do not like there brand.
Hello, Our Jelly Soap Base is an original formula designed by our lab. It's inspired by similar finish products on the market.
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Any packaging suggestions? Great product, very stable (been experimenting on my own and your formula is the BEST)
Hi Michelle We have seen customers package it many ways. The most common is to package it it wide mouth jars. We would recommend a double wall jar as it is hot when poured. If you use single wall jar instead, we recommend pouring the soap jelly while the jar is in a water bath. This will keep the jar from warping when you pour in the hot Soap Jelly. We have seen customers package the molded Soap Jelly in plastic cello baggies with t a cardboard header. We have even seen people package it in balloons that the consumers tears open to use it. I hope this helps.
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