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Foaming Bath Whip Base

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Our Foaming Bath Whip is creamy, stable and capable of being the foundation of a multitude of different products, making it an integral part of a crafter's arsenal.
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A unique base that is amazingly versatile and truly luxurious.
This creamy, stable base is capable of being the foundation of a multitude of different products, making it an integral part of a crafter's arsenal. From a sugar/salt scrub to a shaving cream - or foaming bath meringue or even layered parfaits, this base is only limited by the imagination of the crafter.

Our Foaming Bath Whip base is free of sulfates, parabens, and propylene glycol.

The base is very mild making it perfect for facial application products such as shaving cream or facial scrub.
Try implementing some of these additives!
Natural Oils and Butters
Add up to 5% oils and/or up to 10% for butters, however, keep in mind that the greater the percentage of natural oils and butters the more the consistency of the lather changes. It is always necessary to test in small batches until you reach your desired consistency. Butters such as Shea and Macadamia Nut Butter increase the viscosity of the base while greatly increasing its moisturizing capabilities of the base. Natural oils such as Avocado and Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil are also beneficial as the moisturizers but will tend to decrease the Foaming Bath Whip's viscosity.
Exfoliants - Add up to 75% percent of any exfoliant such as Bath Salts, sugar, or coffee bean grinds. A 50/50 mixture of the medium and sea salt grain bath salts turn the Foaming Bath Whip into a wonderful deep exfoliating scrub.

Jojoba Beads - We found that when adding Jojoba Beads to uncolored Foaming Bath Whip gives the base a stunning color-speckled appearance while providing light-exfoliate, ideal for facial products.

Other Bases/Additives - Small amounts of other bases can be added for various effects. Try adding up to 5% of Glycerin to greatly increase the Foaming Bath Whip's moisturizing capabilities.
A fragrance load of up to 3% can be added. For shaving or facial products a very low fragrance load (no more than 1%) is recommended to prevent irritation and razor bumps.
Liquid colorants can be mixed in until desired hue is achieved.
We recommend processing the Foaming Bath Whip by whipping it using an old-fashioned electric mixer with double blades. Begin with enough product to fill the volume around the beaters and begin whipping at a slow speed to break up the base. While beginning to whip the base add any additives while maintaining a slow speed. Increase the speed of the mixer to high and watch for the base to double in volume. Caution: Over-whipping the Foaming Bath Whip more than two times the original volume will cause it to collapse.
This foaming bath whips doubles in volume when whipped, all the while remaining stable and maintaining its butter-like creaminess.

After application, Foaming Bath Whip leaves skin feeling deeply cleansed, newly rejuvenated, and appealingly soft.

The Foaming Bath Whip is very easy to work with! In just a few minutes the base can be transformed into an entirely different product by introducing additives.
We have had a ton of fun creating different products using the Foaming Bath Whip! Here are a few ideas we have tried
    Shaving Cream
  • 0.5% fragrance
  • 3% Chamomile Extract
    Intense Exfoliating Hand and Foot Scrub
  • 75% fine to medium grain bath salts
  • 2% Fragrance
  • Jojoba Beads (until sufficient)
    Moisturizing Foaming Bath Whip
  • 5% Glycerin
  • 3% Avocado Oil
  • 3% High Oleic Safflower Oil
  • 10% Shea Butter
  • 2% fragrance
This product has a net wt. of 9 pounds and comes in a wide mouth gallon.

Proudly manufactured in the USA at our facility in Corona California.

The possibilities with the Foaming Bath Whip are truly endless. Let your imagination run wild and see what unique bath product is formed!
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Review by (Posted on )
I love this stuff! And we get it smooth just by whipping it up with Almond oil- and what I like best about it, it does not have that nasty base smell other" foaming bath butters do- so WIN! "
Review by (Posted on )
This is the first time ordering the foaming bath whip from EC and I was excited to try it because I LOVE all the products that I have tried so far. This one comes lumpy, almost like the stearic acid didn't get melted and or dissolved. My first batch was a bust since it was supposed to be foaming bath butter. I saved it by adding a bunch of sugar and renaming it. All is not lost! What I did with the rest is very gently melted the base down over a double boiler and let the little lumps melt. Once melted I let it all go back to room temperature. Once back to room temp it whips up perfectly like a foaming bath whip should! I would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for that extra LONG step of melting and waiting for cool down.

Review by (Posted on )
Leaves skin feeling so soft and smooth! Easy to work with.

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