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Sulfate Free Bubble Bath Base


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A Sulfate Free Bubble Bath Infused with Antioxidants that is luxurious and rich without causing dryness like typical sulfate formulas do.

Sulfate Free Bubble Bath
Many of you have asked us to formulate a Sulfate Free Bubble Bath and we want you to know that Essentials by Catalina listens to its customers! It was more difficult than anticipated and we tried dozens of variations. Fortunately for you, our accomplished research and development team has cracked the code.

Traditional surfactants do an amazing job of producing the mountains of thick, foamy bubbles that consumers have come to expect. Now you can experience that same level of performance in our "Sulfate Free" formula as well.
Traditional surfactants such as SLS and SLES are widely used because they produce that thick, luxurious foam we love to soak in. The bubbles are long lasting and your bath rinses away easily. The vast majority of Sulfate Free formulas on the market today simply do not perform to that level. The lather produced is much lighter, less foamy and can be often more difficult to rinse off. While most consumers enjoy sulfate containing products without any adverse side-effects, some consumers complain of skin irritation and other problems.
Essentials by Catalina took the initiative and researched the newest, gentlest and best performing ingredients available to formulate a Bubble Bath without sulfates that performs every bit as good as the ones with sulfates. Our Sulfate Free Bubble Bath is rich, luxurious and produces huge amounts of thick foam, all while being extremely gentle on your skin. You can proudly add this base to your product lineup to let your customers know that you are responsive to their concerns.
How did we do it?
When we set out to create this new formula, we knew that we would not be willing to compromise performance, and thanks to the dedication of our hard-working team members, we did not need to. The Sulfate and Paraben Free Bubble Bath Formula that customers were asking for is exactly what we have created for you today.

The vast majority of Sulfate Free formulas on the market today do not perform to the level consumers are accustomed to. The lather they produce is much lighter and less foamy than Sulfate added formulas and can be often more difficult to rinse off. None of us can afford to have disappointed consumers, so we knew we would have to find a better way.
Our in-house research team searched the newest generation of ingredients available to find innovative alternatives like Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate which are very mild on the skin yet still have wonderful lathering capability. Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is so gentle that it is used in baby cleansers (shampoos, washes, etc.) and is commonly referred to as "Baby Foam". It delivers excellent, luxurious foam while leaving a silky feeling on the skin.

We also knew that Glycerin would be one of our main moisturizing agents; a better all-in-one skin moisturizer, conditioner, healer, protector doesn’t exist. In fact, every single ingredient in our formula was hand-picked for the excellent benefits it provides.
We didn't stop there
We infused our gentle formula with an all-star lineup of amazing Antioxidants.

For full ingredient list Click Here
Passion Fruit Extract
Abundant with Vitamin C, an antioxidant which safeguards against harmful free-radicals, helping to avoid premature aging.
Green Tea Extract
Skin experts generally recommend green tea as a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredient.
Acai Berry Extract
Has vitamins like A, C and E that can help in the regeneration of your skin. It also contains anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant that promotes proper circulation of the blood.
Aloe Vera Extract
Said to improve the skin's ability to hydrate itself, aids in the removal of dead skin cells and helps protect and rebuild your skin.
Papaya Fruit Extract
Loaded with papain and vitamin A. The enzyme papain breaks down inactive proteins and eliminates dead skin cells. The vitamin A works as an antioxidant.
In skin care, Antioxidants reign supreme. Antioxidants combat the free-radical damage that is responsible for the visible and hidden signs of aging. They offer a strong defense against many signs of aging including wrinkles, dullness and discoloration. The Botanical Extracts we infuse our Bubble Bath with were all chosen for their amazing antioxidant properties. It Gets Better...This Paraben Free Formula uses a globally approved preservative system.
Mixing Instructions and Notes for our Sulfate Free Bubble Bath
This Bubble Bath Base works best when you follow these simple guidelines: Up to a 5% Fragrance Load is possible, this is a very thick bubble bath. With that being said, you should still take the time to test each of your fragrances before deciding to load it with that much fragrance. Each fragrance has its unique characteristics that may affect the performance and consistency of the base. Some will remain thick and clear, others may cloud or thin the product out to a watery consistency, so testing will eliminate the disappointment of ruining an entire gallon.

Take a look at the Fragrances & Essential Oils available for purchase in the Fragrance Section.

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Great Sulfate Free Option
This is a great product to have on hand for those customers that will not accept anything that includes Sulfates.

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