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Sprayable Lotion Base


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Try our new Sprayable Lotion Base, a super light body lotion that sprays on evenly and leaves no greasy residue.
Sprayable Lotion Base
A quick, convenient sprayable lotion that moisturizes and absorbs within seconds. This versatile, lightweight formulation is perfect for those mornings when you just don't have time to do a long, involved moisturizing routine or for a mid-day moisture refresher when you are pressed for time. It moisturizes and absorbs in seconds so you can put your clothes right on after using!

Our Sprayable Lotion Base was formulated in-house and has been put through real world usage and testing so that we can provide you with a reliable, consistent product you can immediately add to your product line.
Perfect for Today's Active Lifestyles
This is the ultimate body lotion for an on-the-go lifestyle. You can mist your entire body, lightly massage it in and feel ready to go in less than ten minutes. The fact that it is sprayable allows you to apply the lotion quickly, access hard-to-reach spots easily, and, after only a few gentle caresses, it's completely absorbed.
Highest Quality, Cutting Edge Ingredients
Every ingredient in our Sprayable Lotion Base formulation was carefully chosen to make the best product available on the market. Our dedicated, in-house product development team is always on the lookout for the most promising new ingredients out there in the marketplace. We do the hard work of researching and separating out the empty promises from real world benefits.

Our Sprayable Lotion Base was especially challenging. The goal was to develop an extremely lightweight formula that would spread evenly and absorb quickly without compromising its ability to moisturize. Our Sprayable Lotion Base is highly stable and will perform consistently for both you and your customers.
Our Sprayable Lotion Base is amazing as is but it can also be fully customized by adding one of our Great Scents, Additives or Extracts.

Characteristics: White semi-viscous lotion
Colorant: Please note that we will not add colorant to this formula.
Directions for use: Apply liberally to hands, body and/or face.
Fragrance Load: Recommended 1% up to 3% fragrance load. Be sure to test each fragrance for compatibility.
Retail Price Point: Conservatively $10.00 - $15.00 for 4ozs

This product is a great promotional tool for your brand. Offer a small size that your customers can carry around in their purse to use throughout the day. They will love it so much they will be sure to tell their friends!

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Great Base
I received this base(sample) today love it!!!! It glides right on the skin no heavy or greasy feel after applying it to the skin. I just sprayed it on my legs, light mist and no need to rub in. Easy to use my customers are going to love this in their purse or at home after a shower, plus they won't forget because of the ease of usage. Essentials by Catalina keep up the good work on designing fast easy products for us to sell, Thank you!

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Product questions

Hello love the new website I was curious does the bases still come scented thank you love your products
Yes the bases still come scented and colored. It is a little different now just in the way you order it. When looking at the base - click on the black Choose option button- on the pop up you will select your size (gallon, pail, etc)- the next step asks if you want scent - when you select yes the list appears- after you selct the scent you can select the color. Just like before with more flexibility.
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