Using Pumpkin in our Personal Care Bases

Naturally, with the fall season around the corner, our lab has been working to develop some exciting new items to offer you all. The lab usually focuses on creating Seasonal Fragrances, like our "Vampire Blood" or "Pumpkin Creme Brulee" Fragrance Oils, but this year, they went all out on the pumpkin theme!

We've been aware of the benefits Pumpkin Powder can have on the skin and have made it a staple of ours for years. We also knew that Pumpkin Oil is well respected in European Skincare lines for its help in reducing fine lines and moisturizing dry, stressed skin. The lab knew they had a great opportunity to formulate a couple great new products to showcase this traditional ingredient in a completely new light.

Three Great New Bases!

This season, our lab has created three new Personal Care Bases, each available in wholesale quantities for you to celebrate the Fall Season.

Pumpkin Body Custard

Incredibly thick and creamy, yet non-greasy, our Pumpkin Seed Butter is the secret ingredient..

Artisanal Pumpkin Sulfate Free Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap

Infused with Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, making it richly moisturizing.

Pumpkin Sugar Scrub

Uses our Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil and Organic Turbinado Sugar for smooth, moisturized, happy skin!

Each one of these new bases will be available for the entire Fall Season and beyond. We are sure that they will become favorites of yours. After all, we have been very impressed with the performance of the Pumpkin Butter and Oil, including improved texture and skin feel. We were also impressed with its ability to lock in moisture and reduce fine lines. Our product descriptions can provide you with complete details so that you can see for yourself how great our new products are. Samples are available, order today, there is little time to spare before Autumn arrives!

Don't be shy, tell us how much you love our great products!