Bath & Body Product Party


Good, Clean Fun!


My girlfriend Emma DeLira recently took over as Women’s Cross Country Coach for Pomona Pitzer Colleges. She was soon deep into planning for the upcoming season.

To start the season, the Pomona Pitzer ladies go through a tough 10 day double workout conditioning program.

During that time they somehow have to juggle moving in, starting classes, meetings, workshops, and orientations.

To top it off, they train for a few hours, twice a day.

It’s no surprise Coach Emma wanted to give them a break!

During dinner one recent evening we began to brainstorm some fun team-building activities to reward them for their hard work.

After talking a bit, Emma remembered that I had mentioned we were putting together kits using our personal Care Bases.

Conveniently, as some of you may already know, I work for one of the leading White Label Personal & Beauty Care Manufacturers in the country, Essentials by Catalina. We manufacture Body Lotions, Face Creams, Shampoos, Soaps, and more for hundreds of small and large retailers, distributors, and other entrepreneurs. Our clients take our Personal Care Bases and make them their own, adding Fragrances, Essential Oils, Colorant, Botanical Extracts, and other raw ingredients to create their own, unique products.


Wholesale Lotions, Soaps & More

Most of our clients are experienced crafters, soapmakers, etc., folks that have experience working with oils, emulsions and cosmetic chemicals.
There are many others that do not.
This group of customers has often asked us for something like a “starter kit” to try our Personal Care Bases.

For example, a kit that would include a gallon of one of our Body Lotions, bottles & caps to fill and Fragrance and Colorant to fully customize it.
With a kit like that, even someone with little to no experience could whip up something amazing, better than anything they could buy at the store.

It was easy to see that the team would be the perfect to test out our “kit” idea!

Could they do it?!

We wanted the kits for the team to be fun and easy to use. We wanted them to spent their time mixing and creating, not reading an instruction sheet or listening to me explain things.

Ultimately, what we wanted to find out was if our Bases were easy enough to work with that a complete novice could make their own, personally customized, salon quality beauty care products.

Emma was excited knowing that the team would have a great bonding experience where leadership opportunities and lessons in teamwork would naturally arise. She was curious to see their personalities and was hoping to see team leaders take the incoming class under their wings.

I think we were both so excited about it that we started working on it right away!


So Many Options!

We wanted to put together kits that would be useful and fun to make. Soaps, Scrubs, and a Face Mask seemed like a great place to start.

Soaps were something they could use daily, considering how much running they do, so that was an easy choice!

A Scrub is a must for outdoor, active people. Accumulated dirt, grime gets cleared away to reveal bright new skin gently with our Sugar & Shea Body Scrub; another obvious choice.

We chose a Face Mask for the final product knowing that they would get a kick out of using them on each other days and weeks later.

In our next blog post we will highlight the kits we put together and show you how creative the ladies got with their products!

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