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Why use a Percentage Calculator?

If an ingredient in your recipe is in a liquid state and measured volumetrically you will need to convert volume to mass. This can be be done by multiplying the density of the ingredient by the volume used in recipe. For example, if a recipe calls for 50mL of grape seed oil and the density of grape seed oil is 0.9190 g/mL then the calculation would look as follows: (50mL)(0.9190g/mL)=45g. Now input this mass into the Percentage Calculator above and let it do its job! Typically the density is found in an ingredients property specifications. If missing, it can be determined in a few simple steps here.

Product Compatibility and Calculation

Essentials by Catalina is not responsible for product compatibility or errors in calculation. We encourage you to ensure the calculations are correct and order samples prior to committing to larger quantities to allow for performance, compatibility and safety testing.

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