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How to use our Batch Calculator

Our Batch Calculator takes the guesswork out of customizing your Essentials by Catalina Personal Care Bases. Always take careful notes to ensure that you can repeat your recipe correctly. You will not have accurate results if you rely on Volume measurements, therefore, convert all volume measurements to weight. Enter the total weight for the batch under “Batch Size”, clicking on the dropdown Menu to choose grams, ounces, pounds or kilograms. Next, list your ingredients and the % required by the recipe. Clicking on the dropdown menu for each ingredient will calculate the weight equivalent of the percentage. Your recipe should add up to 100% after entering your ingredients. The calculator will give you the exact weight measurement for each ingredient under the “Totals” column.

Product Compatibility and Calculation

Essentials by Catalina is not responsible for product compatibility or errors in calculation. We encourage you to ensure the calculations are correct and order samples prior to committing to larger quantities to allow for performance, compatibility and safety testing.


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