It is no secret that social media and the internet play a huge roll in influencing a customers purchasing habits. There are countless beauty vloggers reviewing products ranging fro someone who reviews or gives information thru a video blog/log. Many people watch these vloggs and and look up those products and often times purchase those products.

How do they advertise Product?

Most people hate adds and commercials. But many of these popular videos get 500,000 plus views. We often see allot of titles that include “my everyday look”, “get this look”, “my beauty routine”, so on and so fourth. They are basically an add that really doesn’t feel like an add. People watch and want what they use in their own routine. Many of the vloggers will say where they got it and will even add links as to where they can get that product. Chances are that the viewer is going to try this product for themselves.

Why Does This Work?

Most people trust these bloggers. They follow them on several social media sites, and end up building trust. Also, Most viewers will follow a channel they can relate with. That greatly influences the trust in the product being used by the blogger. For example, a person will search for oily skin solutions. This viewer will then go on a social media site looking for a popular blogger who shares that same issue. If this person has a solution for said problem that will gain them a follower. Many opinions can be swayed by collected reviews. (I did with my face primer).



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