Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Day is a great opportunity to market a line that inspire feelings of love like massage lotions, Massage oils, bath bombs for two and much more. Don’t forget to make products for both men and women. Here are a few Valentines Day ideas to get those creative concepts flowing.

Valentines Day Ideas: Categories

Let’s split up the ideas into categories. Men’s products, Massage, Bath, Shower, and Gift Sets. Each category can definitely be taken to a whole new level.

Men’s Products to Love

Beard oil, soap, and salt scrub neatly packaged
Gift Set

We can’t forget gifts for customers to give to their special guys. We have a great selection of men’s personal care products that are easy to customize as well as a great selection of men’s fragrances to choose from.

  • For men with a stylish flair, we recommend carrying Hair Pomade to give that special guy the gift of good looks and a sharp coif.
  • Give your man the gift of an intimate smooth shave. Our Shaving Lotion is a great gift for a man who needs a quick shave. And our Aftershave Gel moisturizes and soothes that freshly shaved skin.
  • For a bearded fellow, our lightweight Beard Oil base is a popular choice that gets worked thru the beard and improves the feel.

Meaningful Massage

More than a massage
Lotion Bar Base With Infused Flowers

Who doesn’t love a massage? It’s relaxing, feels good and is best when given by the special someone you love.

  • Our Massage Lotion is a high-quality product with extra long glide and slip that is loved by professionals as well as novices.
  • Mix extra lightweight oils into our Lotion Bar & Balm base to give it more glide then pour into love-themed molds for a unique massage bar.

Heart Warming Baths

Give the gift of a luxurious bath; great enjoyed alone or with the one you love.

  • Using our Fizzie Bath Powder to create a Valentine’s themed bath bomb for two is a great way to spread the love.
  • Our Creamy Milk Bubble Bath is ready to use as-is and will envelop you and your sweetheart in a plume of luxurious bubbles.

Shared Showers

Showers a great taken alone or with a companion. We have a wide selection of bases that can be used in and out of the shower.

  • Our Sugar and Shea Body Polish Base is a luxurious scrub infused with shea butter that leaves the skin feeling buttery smooth and soft.
  • Melt and pour our Jelly Soap Base into heart-shaped molds to make a jiggly wiggly lovable body soap, great for kids and adults too!

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