Feature your Finest at a Farmer’s Market


Using a Farmer’s Market to Build Your Brand

Today’s retail environment is full of paradoxes. Many brick and mortar retailers are under tremendous pressure forcing record numbers of them to close. Simultaneously, many retail sectors see unprecedented sales increases. Amazon, discount retailers and outlets, together, add even more downward price pressure. Yet, on the other hand, savvy brands find creative ways provide unique experiences that drive customers to their products. Innovative retailers realize that they have find these customers where they meet and offer multiple outlets across different platforms for their products. They also find ways to include exclusive, concierge services that differentiate and add value to their brands. A Farmer’s Market is just the place to try out a new idea.

A local farmer’s’ market may not be the most glamorous place to set up shop but it is an invaluable tool for a small business looking to establish themselves. It also allows a retailer to test different approaches to target new customers; it is a great lab for some of the ideas mentioned above.

Find Your Niche and Define Your Customer

A farmer’s market today is so much more than just produce. They have become meeting places where young professionals and their families to stroll for both leisure and purpose. Produce vendors are now a part of a larger group that includes bakers, gourmet food makers, jewelers, artists, crafters and more. Personal Care vendors are also in that mix of innovators transforming and evolving with the modern consumer. Well informed about products, ingredients and trends, today’s consumer expects even small enterprises to look and feel professional and current. They want a memorable experience or a customized service, something different from the impersonal one-click shopping we do at home.

To maximise your sales and marketing potential at a farmer’s market your goal should be to stand apart. Offering customization is a popular option for many small retailers as it is often difficult for larger volume retailers to do the same. Essentials by Catalina is perfect to help you do this.

We offers a variety of personal care bases that can easily be customized from our long list of fragrance and essential oils, botanical extracts and additives, providing your customers with the highly personalized product options they desire. Subscription services are also a great way to attract and retain customers. Who doesn’t have a Netflix, Spotify, etc. account these days and why shouldn’t your business take advantage of this trending marketing tool? Creating a signature “Scent of the Month Club”, or a subscription product refill plan.

Show Off Your Creativity 

There are many options to explore when it comes to marketing and you can rest assured that Essentials by Catalina is staying on top of the newest industry trends in order to formulate innovative, cutting edge products for our customers.

These days, even your local farmer’s market can be a highly competitive marketplace, but learning to stand out can be a fantastic lesson on how to build a small brand into one that can grow to compete with the biggest players out there. We here at Essentials by Catalina are on that same journey with you, finding innovative, novel ways to stay one step ahead of the rest. Let us help you build a product line that will continue to grow and flourish like it should.

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