Not Just For Fall Pumpkin Scrub

Our pumpkin sugar scrub base is not just for fall. It is desighned to go with any season. It is a great base that is chock full of high quality ingredients.

Not Just For Fall

To start off, the main ingredient in our pumpkin sugar scrub is organic Turbinado sugar. It is similar to brown sugar, however it has less water content and molasses than regular brown sugar. Not to mention it is less processed than both white sugar and regular brown sugar. The sugar is also a medium grain, so it is not too small to the point where it will dissolve too quickly. But it is not too big to where it feels too rough on the skin. Additionally, the grain of the sugar is perfect for massaging. Especially for the feet, simply massage into the soles of the feet for a smooth feel.

Also, pumpkin seed oil is not just for fall. Not only is the oil we use organic, it is also great great for the skin! Pumpkin seed oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6, both are great for nourishing the skin. Another benefit this oil has is it has high antioxidant properties, which promotes youthful looking skin. So don’t hold off on the power of pumpkin until the fall. Take advantage of this super nourishing ingredient all year.

Ideas For Tailoring The Scrub For Year Round Use

Everyday Body Scrub For Men

Not Just For Fall body scrub for men.
Body Scrub For Men

Recipe: Pumpkin sugar scrub, 1% rose hip extract, 1% vanilla tobacco fragrance oil.


Summer Beach Sand Inspired Sugar Scrub With Walnut Shell Powder

Not Just For Fall Beach Scrub
Beach Sand Inspired Scrub With Walnut Shell Powder

Recipe: Pumpkin sugar scrub, 3%walnut shell powder, 1% coconut lime verbena fragrance oil.

Spring Clean Scrub

Spring Clean Turbinado Sugar Scrub

Recipe: Pumpkin sugar scrub, 1% lavender extract, 1% chamomile extract, 1% lavender chamomile fragrance.

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