Our New Visual Scent Finder

Our new visual scent finder is the latest tool we have to offer our customers. Picking fragrances can be hard, especially when we have over 400 to choose from.

How To Use Our Visual Scent Finder

visual scent finder
Our new visual scent finder

To start off you can find our new visual scent finder button at the top left side of the Fragrance page. It is a large black button with a white eye icon in the middle.

When you press that button it will take you to a page that starts off with 3 images that I will talk about in a later paragraph. However, if you scroll down you will find all of the filters with images. It starts off with scents and notes. Followed by seasons and holidays, so on and so fourth. And if you don’t want to scroll all the way down, You can click on one of the “Jump To” option. Those options can be found right above the “Best Sellers Last 15 Days” box.

Now, Lets talk about the three boxes Labeled “Best Sellers All Time”, “Best Sellers Last 15 Days”, and “Hidden Gems”. The “Best Sellers All Time” is pretty self explanatory, they’re the most popular fragrances we have. And the “Last 15 Days” are the most popular fragrances of the past 15 days according to our updated collected data. Finally, our “Hidden Gems” Option are the fragrances that are new or undiscovered.


We made this tool with customers in mind. Hopefully it makes your shopping experience more enjoyable and simple. Don’t be afraid to try new fragrances, sometimes you have to step out of the box to find a hit new fragrance. Another option you have is to blend your own. For example, if you want a fragrance that is inspired by your favorite islands drink. Use our new visual scent finder to pick notes to blend together.

Find Your Next Favorite Scent!

Find your next favorite scent

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