New Pure Prime Press Cocoa Butter Chunks

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New Pure Prime Press Cocoa Butter Chunks

New Pure Prime Press Cocoa Butter Chunks are unrefined natural chunks of cocoa butter made from the highest quality beans available.

This new variety comes in smaller, more uniform chunks. Why you ask? Because it is easier to melt and work with. Chipping away at large chunks of cocoa butter can be difficult and tiring. We are certain you will appreciate this old favorite, in a new form.

Did we forget to mention that this cocoa butter smells of deep, rich chocolate chocolate? So much so that when making a cocoa butter based product, fragrance may not be necessary.

How to use the new cocoa butter:

For a chocolaty scent note, the new cocoa butter chunks can be added to lotion bar base. It may make the lotion bar base harder, so keep that in mind.

This butter is perfect for cold process soap. Those who are familiar with working with cold process soap know that the addition of cocoa butter will make for a harder bar.

It can be added to lotions to make an extra buttery moisturizer, however, keep in mind it may leave the lotion thicker with a slight chocolaty smell.

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