New Holiday Fragrances

Complete Line of New Holiday Fragrances

We have a brand new batch of Holiday Season inspired Fragrances to introduce to you!

Some of these are inspired by Bath and Body Works scents and others by our favorite holiday treats. Any one of them would be the perfect addition to your holiday line. We included a wide variety of scent types, like Pine, Citrus, Spices that are well loved and traditional; also included a mix of new style Holiday Scents that are a bit hipper and sophisticated. Below are some of the great products to use them in.

Try The New Holiday Fragrances In These Great Products

2017 Holiday Fragrance Assortment for Essentials by Catalina

New Holiday Fragrances For 2017

Aquamarine Clarity Elixir *BBW Type : Clean, fresh ocean air is what we aimed for in this rendition. With notes of cold sea air and citrus.

Chai Tea Latte: Creamy and spicy, this fragrance smells like a cozy cup of chai tea latte. It has notes of cinnamon, anise, foamy latte, and whipped cream.

Champagne Toast *BBW Type : Our rendition of this fragrance is a bright and bubbly, fit for any festive occasion. It has notes of bright champagne, berries, and a touch of Peach Bellini.

Coconut Mint Drop *BBW Type : Minty coconut and cream please! Our rendition of this fragrance is extra creamy and coco-nutty.

Cranberry Bliss Bar *Starbucks Type : There is no wonder why this treat is a holiday favorite. We tried to capture its richness with notes of cream cheese frosting, tart cranberries, orange zest, and decadent spiced cake.

Maple Cinnamon Pancakes *BBW Type : This fragrance is jam packed with stacked hotcakes. It has notes of warm cinnamon pancakes, cascading maple syrup, and buttery cinnamon strudel.

Pomelo and Pine *BBW Type : Pine is the base for this fragrance, followed by notes of pomelo citrus.

Snowflakes and Citrus *BBW Type : All kinds of citrus shine thru in this scent, with hints of mango, and a touch of frosty winter air.

Snowy Morning *BBW Type : Our rendition for this for this fragrance is bright and fresh. With notes of fresh cold mountain air, and a touch of soft warm lavender.

Starry Sky *BBW Type : We made our own interpenetration for this fragrance. We felt crisp winter breeze with just a hint of pine fit the theme.

New Holiday Fragrances For 2017 (Can Be Used Year Round)

Currant *BBW Type : This can be a year round fragrance under a new name. It smells of white roses, fresh air, and tart currants.

Elderflower Martini : Comparable to the real thing, our rendition has more bright fruity notes.

Golden Peach Sparkle *BBW Type : Our rendition of this fragrance is bright, light, and sweet. It has notes of white peach, golden citrus, and a touch of sugar. This fragrance can also be used year round, especially during summer.

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