Hair Pomade For Women

Hair pomade for women should be an up and coming market trend. First of all, it is a great base to start off with. Many male customers can vouch for the success of this product. But why let only men have all the stylish hair? Hair pomade for women is the same base as our hair pomade, however, it is specially marketed to women. And since our hair pomade comes unscented, scent it with feminine appealing scents.

Hair Pomade For Women Uses

Here are some ideas for ways that women can utilize this great styling product. Our hair pomade gives control yet touchable soft hair. Color it with our liquid colorant, and scent it with fragrance or essential oils.

Bye Bye Flyaway

Our hair pomade base is perfect for slick pony tails.

Flyaways are tiny wisps of hair that stick out of otherwise smooth hair, it almost looks like static. Just a bit of hair pomade spread about the hair will smooth down those pesky hairs. Using pomade is perfect for a smooth ponytail. And applying a little bit of our hair pomade to the roots and sides of flat ironed hair will finish the look. It will control the strands without leaving the hair crusty and crunchy.

Taming The Frizz

Use our hair pomade for your natural curl hair line.

A large portion of the population has curly or wavy hair. And speaking from experience, sometimes curly hair can be unruly and frizz up. Especially in humid or tropical climates. Our hair pomade is great for those who want the control of a gel but still want soft flexible locks. For frizz control, apply a moderate amount to the hands and run thru damp hair. And once the hair completely dries, spot smooth with a small amount.

Rocking The Pixie Cut.

Our hair pomade helps keep the pixie in its shape.

Jamie Lee Curtis made the pixie cut an iconic look. And the style has been the choice haircut for women everywhere. Our hair pomade is perfect for keeping that look in check. Use it in wet or dry hair.

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