Fragrance, How It Affects Us

Let’s talk about fragrance, how it affects us. Most people use it in personal care products. Granted, some people prefer to not use it at all. But for the most part people use scents to inspire something in us to choose that particular product. It can either be fragrance oil or essential oil. Most people have fragrance in their lives in one way or another. Such as a scented candle, scented personal care, scented household cleaning products, and even scented laundry detergent. People tend to sway towards a scent type,

Fragrance, How It Affects Us

Scents from fragrances and essential oils can do one of many things to us. It can bring back memories, inspire feelings, and even make someone feel sick.

Bringing Back Memories

Fragrance has the ability to take us back to some of our oldest memories. Whether it be the scent of your mothers perfume she wore when you were five. Or the smell of the pina colada you were sipping on the white sandy beaches of Cancun for your honeymoon. Scents tend to bring back memories of all sorts because we associate them with things we were experiencing when we smelled it.


Fragrance can inspire an idea in our minds. For example, if you have a spa themed line. One wouldn’t want to scent product with a fragrance that smells like a bakery. You want your customers to feel refreshed and be inspired by cleanliness and notes of herbs. Fragrances like our buffalo milk can take your customers to the crystal clear waters of Catalina Island.

Have a Variety

Having a variety of scents is a necessity because some people have different preferences over scents than others. For example some people love perfume scents, while others can’t stand it. It takes allot of work to have a themed line while having a variety for a multitude of customer preference. Take a look at our popular fragrances, there is people purchase a variety of scents and notes. Everything from a minty essential oil to sweet coconuts. When picking scents for your line, have a theme with a variety.


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