Festival Ready Beauty Products

Festival ready beauty products are hot this season. Read on and I will show you how to give your customers what they will need for every music, art, or outdoor festival they attend this season.

Festival Ready Beauty Products

Super Hold Styling Gel with Glitter: We’re talking serious Glitter & Glam here! Add your desired amount of glitter to our Hair Gel Base. Our hair gel base will tame some of the most stubborn hair and let you style it just like you want.

Glamorous Shimmer Mist: This spray has a tasteful amount of shimmer already added; it’s a nice fine mist that leaves a sprinkle of fine glitter on your skin. Perfect for those who don’t want to be encrusted in heavy glitters.

Festival Ready Beauty Products
Our Aloe Gel Base With Glitter & Color.

Aloe Gel with Glitter: Keeping the skin hydrated is very important, especially if you are out and about at an event arena. So, not only does our aloe gel hydrate your skin, it has a refreshing feeling when you apply after being in the sun. It is light weight and non greasy so your customers don’t have to worry about having a thick, pore clogging product on for the entire day. And re-application is easy and doesn’t leave a build up. You can pack our Aloe Gel base with up to 20% glitter. It is very stable base that stays thick enough to suspend glitter and mica wonderfully.

Renew Shampoo: This shampoo is great to have in a festival kit. It is a deep cleanser, that clears the scalp of extra oil and dirt. Wash off all the weekends festival grime with this reset button of a shampoo.

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