Dewy Skin Look

The dewy skin look is foretold to be the hottest skin finish of 2018. Everyone will be aiming for fresh from the shower look. Shifting from last falls matte finish, to this springs glowing look will be simple. Applying these products to your skincare line will keep you up with the latest demand.

Dewy Skin Look



Keeping the skin clear and clean is essential during the transition from matte to dewy. Use a gentle cleanser that won’t strip the skin completely of its natural oils. Our creamy milk face and body wash is a perfect candidate. The whole milk in our formula gently cleanses the face, leaving the skin looking supple.


After cleansing the face, using a good moisturizer is so important for a healthy looking complexion. For a glowing dewy look you need to use something that won’t absorb too quickly, yet won’t sit on the skin leaving the skin looking buttered. We want a glowing look, not greasy. Try using our silky dry oil, or our facial moisturizers. They are light enough for daily use and leave the skin looking silky smooth.

For a high end product, our hyaluronic acid gel cream base fills in fine lines. The result is a smoother more plump looking finish. And it improves the over all look of the skin, so that your customers

Touch Ups

Whenever the skin feels dry, and needs a dewy touch up. Use our hydrating botanical face mist, It refreshes the skin while leaving a light layer of moisture. However it does not leave pores clogged. And I speak from personal experience, a light mist doesn’t disturb this oily skin.


Shimmer is in, all sorts of makeup companies are coming out with the shimmer packed product. Jump on the bandwagon and make shimmery bath and body products. We carry all sorts of bases that will carry glitters and mica beautifully. Our suspension shower gel is show stopping when our glitters are added. Glitter can be added 1-5%, depending on what look you are looking for. The glamorous shimmer mist is a tasteful touch of shimmer to the hair and body.

You will find all of these bases and additives on our main website, keep an eye out fore more posts to come!



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