Combating Dry Skin During Seasonal Change.

Our skin can be highly sensitive to Seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. We are have grown accustomed to prepping for Summer by stocking up on Sun Block and Hydrating Sprays, but we still overlook the Fall. Not only do the colors of leaves change during the cooler season, but our skin behavior changes as well. The air tends to be drier and cooler, so it results in the skin retaining less moisture. We are here to help fight that battle with you and your customers.

Combating Dry Skin During Seasonal Change

As Summer fades into Fall, the challenge to keep our skin moisturized and healthy begins. The outside Autumn air grows cooler and drier day by day as the air inside our homes and offices is more and more warmed by heaters. This routine exposes our skin and hair to constant dehydration and stress, putting your skin at risk of drying out and becoming flaky.

Applying a good, hydrating lotion when becomes very important in trying to combat dry, flaky skin. Having a range of hydrating products, including a Hydrating Spray and moisturizing & conditioning Hair Care Products will give your customers options in this fight against dry skin.


Special Problem Areas

Some parts of our body require a bit of extra attention to fight off seasonal dryness. Lips, hands and feet benefit greatly from deeper moisturizing and the added protection of richer, more buttery lotions and balms.

Dry Lips

As much as we would love to chug pumpkin spice drinks instead of water, we really shouldn’t.

Instead of reaching for the pumpkin beverage, reach for the good old H2O. Drinking plenty of water is the easiest and cheapest way to moisturize. Skin looks in top shape and supple when our bodies are hydrated.

For your lips, the next line of defense should be a good lip balm. Our Lotion Bar & Lip Balm Base is designed to lock in moisture and leave a thin, protective layer of beneficial oils and butters on the surface of your lips. Our long lasting formula will protect your lips from the dry, cool winds typical of Autumn.

Dry hands & Feet

put on a generous layer of cream then put on fuzzy socks

Our hands and feet also suffer in the autumn breeze.

Heels, cracked from wearing flip flops and open shoes all summer need to be exfoliated to remove dry, dead skin. This will expose softer skin that you can protect with a rich, thick lotion or balm. Our Body Butter or Lotion Bar & Lip Balm Bases are perfect candidates for a fall moisturizers and our Sugar & Shea Body Scrub Base is the exfoliator you need to rejuvenate your dry, cracked hands & feet.

Here’s a tip for intense foot hydration. Before bed, apply a thick layer of moisturizer to your feet, then put on a fluffy pair of socks to lock in moisture all night.

Other Problems


Acne tends to worsen during the summer to fall transition. Our skin tends to become oilier because it produces the same amount of sebum as it did during the summer. Meanwhile, the cold weather causes layers of dead skin to form and build up. Therefore it is important to exfoliate often to keep the skin clear, fresh, and free of dead skin. Our Botanical Facial Cleanser with a mild exfoliant added is wonderful for your skin.

Changing Hair Color

People tend to change their hair to a darker color when the weather starts to get colder, so it is important to protect the color. Our Color Protection Shampoo is perfect for that. It is a great moisturizer as well, ensuring that your hair is protected from drying and dulling.

Ketosis Pilaris Break Outs

For those that don’t know what ketosis pilaris is, it is a condition in which bumps appear on the arm, thigh, face, and buttocks. Most people call it “chicken skin” or “goose bumps” due to the skin looking like a plucked bird.

Many people deal with this harmless skin condition. The bumps are really just keratin built up around the base of a hair follicle, with no apparent cause. However it is apparent that the condition gets worse or comes back during cooler weather. Exfoliating and keeping skin moisturized is key during these break outs.

So as much as we love this weather change, it is key to take care of our skin. We want to look and feel our best during the holiday season.


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