Cold & Flu Season Comfort

During Cold & Flu Season, Comfort is Key

Have you ever been sick as a dog, and somehow mustered up the strength to go to the store for medicine, only to stand in line feeling miserable, clutching a bottle of cold syrup, dreaming of being in bed. Most of us have been in this position.

This is not a remedy or cure blog post, it’s an idea post about bringing comfort to those who have fallen ill.

Cold & Flu Season Comfort

There are many reasons why people get sick. It can be the dry air making it easy for the virus to get into your nasal passages. Being inside a poorly ventilated area with many people are also a way to get sick. Remember, frequent washing your hands is essential to keep from spreading the sickness to others.

But one way experts agree that it cannot be contracted is by being in the cold.  A hot bath or shower before bed is a great way to unwind before bed.

Warm Bath or Shower Before bed

A great way to relax and warm is to take a nice warm bath or shower.

Our Creamy Milk Bubble Bath can be custom scented, and it fills  the bath with mounds of bubbles. Look back to our previous blog for our recipe for shower steamers to create an aromatherapy shower great for a stuffy nose. A touch of Menthol Crystals can be added to the shower steamers for a nose clearing experience.

We also have a large selection of Lavender scents, including Essential Oils and Blends. Lavender is a popular and well known relaxing and comforting aroma.

Minty Therapy

Peppermint is known to soothe both mood and congestion. Menthol acts as an expectorant, thinning the mucus and breaking up phlegm (1). Not only do we carry Pure Peppermint E.O. that contains menthol, we also carry menthol crystals. However be aware that mint or menthol should be used in low percentages, they are highly concentrated and very strong smelling.

Mint works well in Facial Steamers; simply add few drops to hot water or make Mini Shower Steamers. Close your eyes, hold your face over and let the minty vapors sooth your senses.

Mint Essential Oil can also be used to make balms. The menthol creates a cooling sensation, great for achy muscles.

Sweet Lavender Dreams

Above all other scents, Lavender is a known mood relaxer.

Not only is it comforting, but is a highly popular fragrance choice. Add it to Lotions, Bubble Baths, Shower Gels, or Fabric Sprays.

It promotes sleep, comfort, and relaxation. Considering this, sleep is essential to recovering from the Cold & Flu.

Keep It Clean

Our Rinse Free Hand Wash is a quick and easy way to keep clean hands this season. Being that the Cold and Flu Viruses are contagious, it is important to have a cleanser on hand. Think of how many sick people touch the cart handles at the grocery store or how many people who might have the beginning symptoms at your work place.

Again, these are not cures, treatments, or remedies, simply a collection of ideas that can make someone a little more comfortable in a time of sickness.



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