BASF Fire Affecting Fragrance Oil

BASF fire affecting fragrance oil is a topic that all who work with this product should know. BASF is a German chemical company that provides many fragrance oil ingredients to a majority of fragrance companies.

Back in October 31st of last year, a fire broke out at the production plant in Ludwigshafen after a scheduled maintenance shutdown. The fire was said to be caused by a technical equipment failure.

BASF Fire Effecting Fragrance Oil

How does this effect the fragrance industry you say? While fragrance oil companies have other sources of ingredients. They need to substitute the ingredients they would usually get from BASF. In fact, our restocked jasmine smells slightly different. It is from the same fragrance manufacturer, however we believe the fire has effected the recipe of this fragrance.

Many Fragrance companies are substituting ingredients, or are missing them all together. Bloomberg reports a shortage of lemon-scented fragrances. Companies such as Givaudan SA and other fragrance makers in Europe are starting 2018 with a scramble for citrus tones following a supply crunch caused by the fire at BASF.

What To Consider

Keep in mind that fragrances may be slightly different. However the difference is not too drastic. Some customers may complain, especially if that particular fragrance is their signature line scent. If the fragrance you ordered is too different, be sure to inform your customers. For the most part the jasmine fragrance we carry is similar, however we want to let our customers know of the slight change.






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