Using Our Quick Pearl

If you want to add a gorgeous pearl look to your shower gel or bubble bath, you have to try our Quick Pearl! A Clear Shower Gel Base will become pearly white with the addition of this product. No suspending agent needed!

cascade of pearly body wash, contains quick pearl
Blue Pearl Body Wash

Before adding Quick Pearl you can mix color into the product. It will tint the pearl look with the shade you choose, creating many bright shades and colors. Pastels look especially nice. Blues, pinks, and purples are also great choices.

How Use Quick Pearl

It is as simple as mixing in color and fragrance. You can add up to 5% to your mixture. Add your color, fragrance, or any other additive to your base. Once everything is well mixed, add the Quick Pearl. We recommend you start with 1%. And if you feel it needs more, then gradually work your way up.

You can also add it to White or Clear Melt & Pour Soaps for a pearly finish. Mix it in the same way you would in any other product. No solubilizer or suspending agent is needed for this additive. However, you may need to heat it if there is trouble blending it in the product.

Quick Pearl in Black Product

Black Pearl Effect

For a really interesting look, try using a combination of Binchotan Charcoal Powder and Quick Pearl. First mix the Charcoal Powder until the product is jet black. Then mix in about 3-5% Quick Pearl. The final effect is a silky dark grey effect with a shimmery look similar to a black pearl.

Other Effects

There are many interesting effects you can achieve with this additive by trying different colors and tints, such as neon colors. If adding a Mica along with the Quick Pearl, use a bit of caution as the Mica may dull the pearl effect in product. Always test different products in small batches!


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