Using Mica Powder In Product

Using mica powder in product may sound intimidating but it is much simpler than it seems. Not only can you mix it into soap for an added pearl effect, but there are many other ways to incorporate it into product. We carry four different mica powders.

Each of these mica powders appear white in their powder form. However, when added to soap, shower gel, or brushed on soap, they really let their colors shine.

Using Mica Powder In Product : Soap

All of these micas look great when they are mixed into melted soap. You get beautiful swirls of color shifting tones. Plus when used along with conventional soap colorants, the mica enhances that shade.

Using Mica Powder In Product
Magic Mauve Mica Dusted On Soap

Not only can you mix the mica into the melted soap, you can brush the powder onto a freshly cut bar or un-molded shape to give it a tinted satin finish. The Magic Mauve mica looks excellent brushed on white sea shell shaped soap. It defines all of the curves and gives the soap a realistic shell look. We suggest brushing one of these mica powders on unicorn horn shaped soap to add a special touch to unicorn soap.

Color Shifting Mica On Black Soap

Brushing the mica powder over stamped soap is a great way to show case your branding, lettering, or image on a soap. Just look how wonderful it looks when we brushed the Nordic Sunset Mica on a bar with our logo stamped onto the front.

Using Mica Powder In Product : Shower gel

Using Mica Powder In Product
Suspension Shower Gel With All Of Our Mica

Take our suspension shower gel to the next level by adding mica to the base. Since it has a suspending agent, it disperses mica and glitter beautifully throughout the product. The easiest way to mix the powder into our suspension shower gel is to simply add the powder to the fragrance oil, stir until it is completely and evenly dispersed in the oil, then immediately pour it into the gallon. Then, shake the gallon until all the mica is evenly dispersed in the base. A product as pretty as this one looks best in a clear bottle.

Using Mica Powder In Product : In Bath Bombs

Mixing any of these mica powders into your bath bomb recipe is a sure way to take a regular bubble bath to the next level. For example, If you add the Caribbean blue mica to a bath bomb recipe that already contains blue colorant, when immersed, the water will shimmer and swirl in such a way that will make your customers feel like they are in the warm water of the Bahamas.

Caribbean Blue Mica With Blue Colorant

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