How To Use Our Fragrance Filter

Learning how to use our fragrance filter is simple. With over 400 fragrances, it can be difficult to look through every one. For example if you are looking for a sweet fragrance for Christmas, on most websites you would just have to navigate page after page to find one you are looking for. However we made a tool that makes it easy to find the perfect fragrance. Many people don’t know we have this tool. So this blog post is for those who want to make the best of their shopping experience.

These filters fall under a category, for example this catagory is “Fragrance Oils”. Each category has a filter that will refine your search, presenting you with something that might be what you’re looking for.

How to use our fragrance filter

How To Use Our Fragrance Filter
How to clear your search.

If you go to our fragrance category, scroll down slightly and click on the filter applies to your need. You can choose multiple at a time.

When you want to start a new search, click the “clear all” option found in blue near the top of the page. It is directly under the “Filter By” tittle. However keep in mind this option only shows up if you choose a filter option.

Keep in mind, when using the “Has Vanilla” filter, It is showing you fragrances that may or may not need vanilla stabilizer. If you check “yes” then we recommend the use of vanilla stabilizer. It keeps the vanilla in the fragrance from turning your lotions or soap from changing color.

Popular Questions for Fragrance

What are your most popular fragrances?

Our most popular fragrances can be found under the “Rating Filter”. We are also working on a new filter for pulling the best selling fragrances. That way, you are kept up with the latest changes.

There are so many fragrances, where do I start?

The best way to approach our selection is to pick a theme. Do you want a spa like fragrance, or a sweet candy like fragrance. Decide what you want your line to smell like, and use the filters to narrow down your options. However don’t limit yourself, be creative and open.


Be Creative

We hope you enjoy this tool, and may it make your sopping experience more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to try out a new fragrance. And you can even mix fragrance oils to make your own custom blend.

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