Color Treated Hair, Treat it Right!

A New Tool for Color Treated Hair

Finding that perfect color for your hair is a difficult and oftentimes frustrating process and once you’ve found it, you’ll do anything to keep it! Unfortunately, color fades over time and the harsh products we use daily hastens the fading even more. This is especially true of your shampoo and conditioner, which can fade the color in your hair and damage hair fibers. Jointly, these factors work against your color treated hair, gradually fading that wonderful color.

Thankfully, a new ingredient has been added to some shampoos and conditioners that protect color treated hair without damaging it. Botanisil ME-10 helps your hair retain its color and protects it from heat damage. Because of its protective properties, Botanisil has a positive impact on your hair when added to shampoos and conditioners.

Botanisil ME-10

Botanisil ME-10 sounds like something you’d be interested in, right? The following infographic delves deeper into the positive impact this product will have on your color-treated hair. Continue reading to discover more about this ingredient.

Protect Color Treated Hair with Botanasil ME-10
Color Treated Hair

How Does Essentials by Catalina use Botanisil ME-10?

Not all shampoos are created equal. Our Color Protection Shampoo Base is infused with Botanisil ME-10 and other high end conditioning agents. Traditional shampoos fade color treated hair and damage delicate hair fibers. The goal in developing this formula is simple, create a shampoo that protects color treated hair while leaving it moisturized and healthy. The results do not disappoint, try it for yourself and see.

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