The difference Between Fragrance and Essential Oil

The difference between fragrance and essential oil is a frequently asked question in this industry. The answer is quite simple. Fragrance oil is synthetic while pure essential oil is natural. Here at Essentials by Catalina, we carry both types of oil, so it is important to know what you are looking for.

The difference Between Fragrance and Essential Oil

It is so important to pay attention to a fragrance name, whether or not it says fragrance oil or essential oil. For example, there is such thing as spearmint fragrance oil and spearmint essential oil. If you want the all-natural oil, you have to go for the essential oil. The spearmint fragrance oil is synthetic and not natural. You don’t want to mislead your customers or mislabel your products, because that can land you in a boatload of trouble. So paying attention to the wording is crucial.

Essential Oil

Large distillers like this are used for hundreds of pounds of botanicals

According to the Webster dictionary, essential oils are any of a class of volatile oils that give plants their characteristic odors and are used especially in perfumes and flavorings, and for aromatherapy. (Source 1) It basically means a natural oil extracted from a fragrant plant that can be used in a series of ways. Essential oils can be extracted from ether distillation or pressed. Oils that are distilled, such as lavender are expensive because it takes allot of buds to make a small amount of oil. Other methods of oil extraction include pressing. When using essential oil, always list that your product contains it. Just in case someone has an allergy to the botanicals used. Additionally, pregnant women should never use lavender, citrus oils should never be used on the face… Do your research prior to adding pure essential oils to your products.

When you order our essential oils, we pack them in glass amber bottles.

Fragrance Oil

Cosmetic Grade Fragrance Oils are made to be safe for skin.

Fragrance oil is a man-made synthetic compounds blended to imitate a certain smell. When using fragrance oil for personal care, make sure you are using only pure, uncut, cosmetic grade, which is skin safe. And when using fragrance oil, just as essential oil, always be sure to check the recommended percentage for the product you are mixing it into. For example, the maximum amount recommended for the body is 1% of the whole product. This means if you are scenting one gallon of lotion (which is 128 ounces), you would mix in 1.28 ounces of fragrance oil. The same percentages apply to essential oil, as they are the same potency. Some retail companies use significantly more than 1%. So the lotion has a very intense scent, however, the risk of adverse reactions is very high. So it is best to stay at 1% and even lower, 0.03% for the face.

We send our fragrance oils in plastic bottles so it is easy to tell the difference between the essential oils and fragrance oils. This comes in handy when a customer orders allot of fragrance and essential oils. However, for long-term storage, you should keep fragrance oils in dark glass bottles.



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