Products For House Guest Season

Products For House Guest Season

The busy holiday season is almost upon us, it’s the time of year for gathering with family, visiting friends for special dinners and for hosting parties. In fact, we spend so much time visiting, it may as well be known as house guest season!

Whether it’s a Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner or harvest celebration, hosts will be searching far and wide for ideas to brighten and beautify their homes. This affords those in our industry to the perfect opportunity to widen the reach of our product lines. for example, if you normally only stock Personal Care items, you can add a line of Seasonal Room Fresheners, scented with one of our great Fall Fragrances.

Seasonal Displays Sell Product

Sprays, Lotions, & More

Whether your shop is an actual storefront or a website, it’s time give it a face-lift for fall.  Using a specific theme throughout your shop, coordinating colors, ingredients, and fragrances, tailored to the season, gives your shop or website a current, up-to-date feel, boosting customer confidence in your product line. For the Fall Season, pumpkins, leaves and pine cones are perfect to set the scene. Using browns, oranges, yellows colors along with our warm, inviting pumpkin and fall theme scents completes the total sensory experience! Coordinating your space this way is visually appealing and almost guaranteed to draw customers in.

Essentials by Catalina offers you a vast array of Fall Fragrances to fit perfectly into your seasonal theme.  Immerse yourself and your customers in the cozy scents of the season; warm caramels and creams, crisp autumn apples, ripe figs, juicy pears and cinnamon spice.  With these scents as inspiration you can create a complete, Autumn inspired Bath & Body line and also offer home fragrances like room and linen sprays.

Problems Hosts Face

Speaking from experience, keeping the bathroom in one piece during seasonal get-togethers is a challenging endeavor.  Making sure there’s enough toilet paper and tissues, that the hand soap dispenser is full, making sure hand towels stay clean and tidy throughout as well as keeping the commode presentable is a monumental task.  Luckily we offer some fantastic solutions ready to package for your store shelves.

Solutions To Offer

Pure Fresh, our multi use Linen Spray base, saves bathrooms and living rooms alike.  This versatile product can be spritzed onto fabric, into the air and even directly on the surface of toilet water (before it is used) to neutralize odors.  Simply mix it with the fragrance of essential oil of your choice.  It is a great product to have in every room of the house.  Make your own toilet spray by using a strong Essential Oil such as Cornmint or Rosemary Peppermint to create an effective odor-eliminating product.

Hand soap is a must when you know multiple guests will be using your facilities.  Whether it’s bars of our Melt & Pour Soap, our Rinse Free Hand Wash Gel ,or one of our many Liquid Soaps with a pump or foamer, we have everything you need to offer your customers multiple creative bathroom solutions.  Lots of hands mean lots of germs, so make sure you and your customers are prepared for the season – and the inevitable house guests that come with it!


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