Oily Skin Care

Learning to Deal with Oily Skin

Before I Knew Better

I’ll be honest, I was never really the type of person to take care of their skin. I had always had oily skin, I thought washing my face in the shower was enough. Moisturizers, exfoliating, all personal care was a foreign concept to me. But, once I got into this business, a whole new world to me. We have all these amazing bases with additives that fit my individual needs. Once I found out what they were, and especially with my employees discount, I was like a kid in a candy store. I now exclusively use our products when it comes to my personal care, nothing else.

Most everything I use from head to toe comes from our in house manufacturing. Monday thru Thursday I see our tanks running. I see the care all the employees take into making our high quality products. To me it’s like seeing the farm where you get your eggs come from and being satisfied with how happy the chickens are and seeing the great quality of the farm. So I know what I’m getting is the good stuff.

My Hair Care

Oily. Being 21 I’ve always dealt with oily hair and skin, Ever since I was a preteen I could never use cream foundation or go more than two days without washing my hair. Did I forget to mention I have a full head of hair that goes down to my bum, It’s wavy, and the strands are fine. So I have now adapted a hair care routine that does not leave my locks feeling like a greasy otter.

I Use our Basic Essentials Shampoo, for my regular routine. Basic Essentials Shampoo cleans nicely without weighing my hair down. I concentrate the lather at my scalp and ill add papaya extract because it is meant to help keep a flake free scalp. When I need a great reset on for the oils in my scalp ill use our Renew Amino Clarifying Shampoo. It makes my hair feel super clean and refreshed. Then I follow up using our Reconstructive Conditioner (only at the ends of course) and i’ll add some Argan oil for a little extra polish. When I straiten my hair or find myself in high humidity, like at the beach i’ll use the Argan Hair shine Serum. It smooths and polishes each strand keeping it from frizzing. I get allot of compliments when I straiten my hair not only because of how long it is, but because of it’s shine.

Facial Care

Again, I have oily skin. Every day I wash my face with our Glycolic Acid Face Wash Scented with our lavender E.O. I also add Burdock Root Extract because of its known properties to help fight acne. I don’t like to use lotions on my face because i feel the oils make my skin worse. Instead I use our Aloe Gel base, It absorbs quickly and feels cool on my skin. Once a week I will use our Hydra M Mask with activated charcoal. It gives my skin an energizing boost and leaves it feeling soft.

Adding 3% Eyeless™ to the Aloe Gel Base works absolute wonders for under the eyes! Sometimes life gets you down and it shows thru bags under your eyes. I use it two times a day, once in the morning and once before I go to bed or after a shower. It gets rid of the puffiness and dark circles I’ve accumulated over the years. Even my boyfriend noticed the difference!

Shoulders Down

I Use The Glycolic Face Wash for my body wash as well, It keeps my body complexion in check. I like to use all the scrubs we carry. However, I use different scrubs on different parts of my body. walnut body scrub is great to use everywhere, I feel like it moisturizes without leaving the skin greasy. I use the glowing skin sugar scrub on my hands and feet.

Body Spray is my favorite Thing to make! It is wonderful to pick scents according to the season, and make my own blend. I also like to use the Shimmer mist when i go to the beach or out on a date!

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