Mass Marketing gives way to Nuanced Marketing

The end of Batch and Blast?

I read an interesting article about marketing in today’s competitive atmosphere that contained a brilliant quote: “Batch and Blast is a thing of the past”

As we all know, in an increasingly crowded  marketplace, e-tailers must be creative with their strategies. The saturation of emails and spam we receive daily signals that mass marketing is fast falling out of favor. We all want marketing that targets the masses, but a weekly bombardment of advertisements likely cause a consumer to unsubscribe, not make a purchase.

Best Marketing Strategies to Connect with Customers

The alternative  is “Nuanced Marketing” which tracks factors such as browsing/purchasing history to tailor advertisements to a customer’s specific preferences. Some object to this type of internet snooping. If the goal is better customer service experience, many will drop this objection. The customer data you have categorizes your customers into marketing groups. Therefore, if a aestheticians are a marketing group, you will want to exclude them from the Doggie Shampoo promotion. Hence, your goal is to help, not to aggravate them.

Our website inboxes can be a valuable tool.  Questions, reviews or responses from customers or potential customers are hugely valuable to your marketing strategy. Ultimately, the  purpose is to build a bond/partnership with your customer by personally reaching out to address their interests.

Detailed notes in your customer files:

Lastly, keep detailed notes in your customer files. There are numerous plug ins for your website that make it easy to keep track of customer’s likes, dislikes, returns, special shipping notes, even birthdays. Consequently, that personalized touch will make their next interaction with your company more pleasant.

Anticipating a customer’s needs is invaluable. I will always remember my favorite shoe salesman who knew my size and would carefully set aside new items he felt would interest me. This goes above and beyond, and the same principle can be applied in your business by taking the time notate your customer’s details in their file. As a result they will feel special, and more importantly, valued.


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