Soap Curl Techniques

Soap curls, they look so crafty and creative. There are many techniques for making soap curls to embed into your soaps. The two methods I’ve tried are shaving blocks of prepared soap with a vegetable peeler, and pouring thin layers into a  flat long mold. You can use the finished curls in several ways. Such as embedding them in the bar or laying them vertically in the loaf.

Pouring thin method

Unless you have a great long wide long mold or a lot of time on your hands you may have a hard time with this method.

First of all, I find it takes too long for too few curls. You will need to use 3% glycerin so the curls do not crack or break when you curl them. This will allow you to make really tight curls, great if you want to make say a lollipop soap.

Simply melt the soap and add the glycerin, then pour in some of the soap just enough to cover the bottom. Wait about 5 to 10 minuets, depending on how thick the pour was. With care un-mold the thin layer and roll it up.

Vegetable peeler method

I found this method quick, easy, and makes really nice curls. What you need to do is find a good sharp vegetable peeler or single blade cheese grater. Adding Fragrance or Essential Oils and/or Color in your curls is up to you. Prepare the block about 3 hours ahead of time, you want it to be cooled when you peel it. A long rectangular mold is ideal for this method. I used a 23 ounce block of scented soap to make my curls. Once your block is cooled simply peel the soap in long smooth strokes. Holding the block with a paper towel while you peel helps with grip. Use caution when using the peeler! 

A tip for the vegetable peeler method is to use a soap that is not too soft or not too hard.


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