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Personal Care Brand

For some of you it has been a passion ever since you were a kid, for others it has been a calling born out of necessity. There are dozens of reasons why and how you came across our website and blog. Regardless, many of you are here for the exact same reason, no matter what path you have taken to get here. Chances are that you are at the point where your hobby is starting to turn into an enterprise and you are looking to expand your basement operation into a full brand. Launching a Personal Care Brand is incredibly ambitious but not at all foolhardy if you do your homework, set realistic goals and timelines and work tenaciously at it.


This Blog is our way of sharing all that we have learned from our many mistakes and from the great success stories we hear everyday from our customers. We will be continually adding to this post, adding new links to other posts that will unlock tips, tutorials, guides and general information to help you navigate and succeed in your Product Brand launch. So whether you are a novice or a beginner, there will always be something here for you.

Soapmaker Product Ideas
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Bath Salts

For those of you that are familiar with the Personal Care Industry this blog and our website will hopefully be a window to opportunity for you to continually grow and expand your brand. Soapmakers can easily add additional Bath Products like our Shower Gels or Bath Salts seamlessly into their existing product lines to help expand the reach of their products. Salon owners, Massage therapists and Aestheticians can use our unique, premium quality Personal Care bases to enhance and promote their businesses. Home based entrepreneurs can use their moxie and our customizable Lotions, Shampoos, and more to start a business with very little capital and lots of opportunity! Any of you can browse through our Blog and find great marketing tips or news on the latest ingredients, solid information that will help sell your product.


If you are new to the personal Care industry or if you are looking to expand into unfamiliar territory, this Blog will be a roadmap to guide and inform you. Get solid advice that will save you time and money from our blog posts and product guides. Our blog will be a resource to come back to time after time, letting you devote your full attention to your Customer’s needs. Our Blog posts will guide you through the best new features on our redesigned website and fill you in on the latest trends to look out for. In short, we want Essentials by Catalina to be the ultimate resource you go to when searching for the best, most relevant, unbiased information about the Personal Care Industry

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