NO! Jojoba beads are made out of jojoba wax, while micro beads are made from plastic. Allot of people mistake them for one another because they look so similar. But they are indeed very different, with jojoba being a natural alternative. Check out our jojoba bead colors here!

The Benefits of Jojoba Beads

Jojoba Beads are made from the wax of jojoba. Little smooth spheres are formed that act as a gentle scrubbing elements. They are great for sensitive skin because of their smooth surface. These beads don’t leave micro tears in the skin unlike many exfoliates.

If you are concerned with the impact of plastic in the ocean, then consider using jojoba beads. They are plant derived, and biodegradable. Using alternatives like this are great for personal care products.


How are they used?

Jojoba beads are great when you need a good yet gentle cleanser for the skin. Use them in our Suspension Shower Gel to have a scrubby colorful wash. Add them to our Melt & Pour Soap Bases to make a soap that cleans and exfoliates. Mentioned earlier, jojoba beads are gentle scrubbing spheres that are compatible for the face. You can also use them in lip scrubs to remove the dead skin without damaging the sensitive skin.


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