Summertime Suffering – Ingrown Hair Season

Summer is just around the corner, that means when the weather heats up we strip down. Its time to trade in those sweat pants for a cute pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap tee. The chilly weather had us hiding away, so some may look like the beast from a fantasy movie. So as a result we may think to ourselves “I think it’s time to break out the shaving cream and razor”. That, unfortunately means that   you may have to suffer with ingrown hairs, an unfortunate affliction that plagues both men and women.

Ingrown Hair

What Is An Ingrown Hair?

An ingrown hair occurs when a hair curls in the skin causing irritation. The Irritation can look like anything from a small red bump, visible bent hair under the skin, to a full blown white headed boil looking lump. People with curly thick hair are more prone to ingrown hairs than most. Ingrown hair can occur anywhere where hair grows, but mostly on the face, legs, private area, buttocks, and armpits.

One big no no is to pick at it. Picking at an ingrown can cause an infection.

The Right Shaving Cream Can Help

There is no certain way to completely eliminate the chances of ingrown hair, however  When shaving there are techniques to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs forming. Use a sharp razor, and good shaving cream so the skin is less likely to get irritated. Pat your skin dry, avoid rubbing dry. Don’t press down on the skin when shaving, cutting the hair shorter than your skin level can increase the chances of the hair curling and growing into the skin.


Products you can use for ingrown prevention

Exfoliating 1-2 times a week can keep dead skin cells from clogging pores. Try using our Walnut Body Scrub, Glowing  Skin Sugar Scrub to keep your dead skin in check. Using our Glycolic Face Wash in between shaves can keep those pesky ingrown at bay as well. Again, there are no certain way to get rid of ingrown hairs completely.


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