Hair Care Tips for Men

Men’s Hair Care Infograph

It can be hard for guys to figure out exactly what products are best for them, especially when it comes to Hair Care. There is probably no other category in the Bath & Body industry more specialized than Hair Care & Styling. There are hundreds of products out there, all claiming to be the perfect one for you! How can we make sense of it all?

Essentials by Catalina created this easy to follow infograph to help you out. Just find your hair type on the chart and read what products are best for your particular hair type. It highlights the major issues each particular hair type faces and what a good product should be doing to help.

Find Your Hair Type

For example, guys with naturally wavy hair that don’t use a ton of styling product often over-clean their hair, stripping away its natural oils. With this protective layer gone, your hair will be dryer, more brittle and dull. Following the graph, a man with that type of hair should skip a few days per week of shampooing and instead use a Cleansing Conditioner that will clean without stripping. He may also be surprised to find that a Hair Pomade would be a good choice for him. Pomades are known for their extreme holding power that can last all day and night long, not for unstructured, textured hairstyles after all.  Our Hair Pomade is different, it is made to wash out easily in the shower and a small amount combed with your fingers through slightly damp hair is perfect for those textured cuts.

Save Time & Money

Using the infograph will be a time and money saver for the guys that read it. They will be able to avoid buying the wrong products that may even end up being more damaging to their hair! We hope you find it useful. If you wish to use the infograph on your own website, blog or social media site, please be kind enough to link back to use and give proper credit, thanks!

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