Organic Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil

Extra virgin organic pumpkin seed oil is a great moisturizer because of its fatty acid profile. It is rich in Linoleic acid (vitamin F) which is an Omega 6 fatty acid. This fatty acid moisturizes the skin and hair, keeping both healthy and strong (Source 1). Pumpkin seed oil is highly pigmented and has a thick consistency.

How Our Oil Is Processed

The oil we source is cold pressed, that means there is no heat involved in the oil extraction process. For this method the seed is crushed until the oil separates from the rest of the debris.

Using Extra Virgin Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil In Personal Care

Pumpkin seed oil is a great ingredient to add to Lotions, Hair care, and soap. This is one of many light weight oils for the skin. It can be used to make hot or cold processed soap. However, keep in mind the oil will tint whatever product you use it in. Although it will not stain the skin.





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