Essentials by Catalina 101

Essentials by Catalina 101 is a much needed topic for our new customers. If you are a new customer or planning to be, we welcome you. To start off, we are a wholesale manufacturing facility. Specializing in bath, body, and personal care. Meaning we make and sell bath and body bases. We are a private label company that make products for people to put their brand on it. Now let’s go into these frequently asked questions that new costumers have.

Essentials by Catalina 101

Q: Do you only make soap? What else does Essentials by Catalina make?

A: We do indeed make soap, however we make many more bases than just soap! We make bases for the hair, face, and body. For example we have facial cleansers, hair styling products, and massage products, just to name a few. We have over 80 Bases to choose from, that are for all parts of the body. Just check out our whole sale bulk bases section on the website.

Q: Do you buy the bases from another company? Or do you make it yourselves?

A: We do indeed make all of our bases. Our tanks are constantly running, outputting fresh product. We are the manufacturer, so there is no middle man here. We even have our lab onsite overseeing that the batches are consistent and checked. The lab is always coming up with new formulas adding to our list of ready to go bases. Having all of our departments under one roof ensures that questions are answered fast. Everyone is kept in the loop and connected.

Q: Do you sell bulk? Can I order just a few bottles?

A: We do sell bulk, however our minimum of any product is one gallon. And the more you buy the more of a price break you get. If you want to try our product before committing to a large amount, you can order a four ounce sample. Unfortunately we do not offer retail sizes.

Essentials By Catalina 101 Product FAQ

Q: Can I have a gallon or more of product scented and or colored? I want a gallon of blue bubble bath that smells like cotton candy and four bags of bath salts that have no color but smell like lavender. Can you do that?

A: Yes! we offer customized scented and or colored product. Simply click on the blue scented option. Choose weather you want fragrance oil or essential oil. Then choose which scent you want, choose the strength, and then the color.

Q: Can I put my own additives in the bases? Such as oils, clay, or anything else I have?

A: Yes, however we recommend you test in small batches to make sure they are compatible. The recommended percentages of oils and fragrance are listed on the product information. We also carry raw materials that are compatible with specific bases. And we also list the recommended percentages on the listings.

Q: Do the bases have preservatives? And what is the shelf life of the bases?

A: Yes, it is very important that some of these bases have preservatives. Because it protects you and your customers safe from bacteria and mold from forming in the product. And the shelf life of our bases are a year from the date of purchase.

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