What is Cellulite?

Cellulite (Gynoid Lipodystrophy) is the irregular, dimpled skin surface of the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks in 85% of posti-adolescent women. That is the scientific definition of it, but the bottom line is it’s something most women dread and go to great lengths to treat it. There are countless of treatments and remedies, So there is tons of opportunity to find one that is right for you.

What Causes Cellulite?

The puckering of skin happens when the layer of fat beneath the skin pushes against connective tissue and bulges, causing the characteristic orange-peel or cottage cheese appearance.   Genetics are also a factor in the appearance of cellulite. However enlarged fat cells could worsen or create the appearance. <br>

Helen Sanders of health Ambition has a great article we used as a source HERE


Try These Remedies

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for getting rid of this appearance. Besides a nutritious diet, and healthy exercise there are topical treatments that can help reduce the appearance. Dry skin brushing is really popular right now. It is meant to improve the circulation and should be done when the skin is dry. I found this video to be rather helpful. Another way you can help reduce the appearance is try to incorporate personal care rituals into your day.

Here are some very simple recipes to try and perhaps add to your line. All of them include our great bases that are easy to use and have nourishing ingredients. Use this calculator to make an amount that fits your needs. Feel free to play with this recipe and make it your own.

Coffee Scrub

Nothing puts a pep in your step like a good cup of Joe. Why not put that pep in your skin? The caffeine in coffee stimulates the tightening of skin and the scrubbing stimulates circulation. Here Is a simple recipe you can use to make an invigorating scrub. 

 You Will Need:

This recipe will be 59% sugar scrub, 40% coffee grounds, and 1% fragrance.

Simply mix all the ingredients in a container suitable to your needs. We recommend using a coffee scented fragrance to compliment the grounds.

Grapefruit Scrub

Grapefruit is great for circulation! And it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Many people say adding the essential oil to a cream is good, however we don’t recommend citrus essential oil be left to sit on skin due to its photo sensitizing properties. If you do that you can be left more exposed to UV rays, and prone to sunburn. So we recommend making a grapefruit scrub instead!

 You Will Need:

This recipe will be 94% sugar scrub base, 5% ground grapefruit peels, and 1% grapefruit essential oil
Simply mix all the ingredients in a container suitable to your needs.


We plenty of lotions and creams to fit just about everyone’s needs. It is important to keep the skin moisturized and elastic. Keeping the skin hydrated is key to a nice look. Incorporating  massages at least twice a week don’t hurt either. (just saying)

Again, all these remedies are temporary. There is no known permanent solution to the dreaded cellulite. So taking routine care of your skin is the best way to lower the appearance.

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