Discontinued Powder Colorant

Many of our customers use our Fizze Bath Powder for their Bath Bomb recipes. It’s a great base to start off with because of the oil blend that it contains, although some like to add extra oils, butters, extracts, or other ingredients to formulate an even more luxurious Bath Bomb. However, recently we have discontinued our Powdered Colorants due to lack of demand. Powdered Colorants were preferred by some for their powdered consistency products. Those customers are asking for substitutes to color our Fizzie Bath Powder Base. No need to worry, we have answers!

Liquid VS. Soap Colorant

Soap colorant in fizzie powder

Personally, I preferred the use of powder colorant in my bath bomb and shower steamer recipes using our Fizzie Bath Powder , it mixed in well, and had the ability to create intense color. But we unfortunately no longer carry it,  so I was forced to search for a good substitute.

Soap Colorant: I’ve seen other bloggers and crafters use a glycerin based colorant, similar to our soap colorant. Although it works wonders for our melt and pour soap, it did not do so well with my bath bomb recipe. I found it to be too thick and would clump up in the powder. Unless you have a really good mixer, the color may blotch and give you some trouble.

result if allot of liquid colorant is added.

Liquid Colorant : I found this worked better than the soap colorant. It took some work to mix in, but it definitely worked in better than a glycerin based colorant. But, it looks best for light coloring. When too much color is added the fizzing properties are activated, and the color blotches. The best results were with using 2-4 drops per every 4 ounces.

Alternative Means of Colorant

Powdered Oxides create a color that I found to work great. When working with the oxides, use with moderation, a little goes a long way!

Cosmetic Ultramarine Blue: It is usually used in cold processed soap due to its non bleeding qualities. I used it in a bath bomb recipe along side with our Rose Gold Glitter. Knowing this was an intense color I used only a tiny sprinkle for a 4 ounce batch. The result was a light pastel blue.

Green Chromium Hydroxide: I used a bit when using it in my bath bomb recipe, about one eighth of a teaspoon for a 4 ounce batch. The result was a pastel green, with a slight blue undertone.

Red Iron Oxide

Red Iron Oxide: I used about one eighth of a teaspoon for a four ounce batch. This oxide is a strong color! The result was a deep orange. I think it will be a fitting color for fall.

Activated Charcoal and Black Iron Oxide: Created a rich more on the dark grey side, but matte black for the most part.

You can also try our Pumpkin Powder, Colloidal Oatmeal, or a mix of the Iron Oxides to create a custom color.



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