Your New Favorite Summer Body Scrub

Summer is here, and we all want to bare a bit of skin to tan or just cool off. It also means hours in the gym and a change in our eating habits.
Looking good isn’t just about your waistline. Our Skin Care Bases and Additives are just what you need to improve your skin complexion.
This Body Scrub, infused with our Summer Fragrances and beneficial Additives is perfect to get you and your customers ready for summer!


Our Summer Fragrances are a must have for your Seasonal Product selection. They instantly transport you to a tropical beach, or a sun soaked orchard. Your imagination will run wild with the possibilities.
Some of our Summer Fragrances are supplied to us by the finest Fragrance Suppliers in the country. The others are custom blended, in-house by our lab. Try them all today!


Treat your skin to the wonderfully smooth feel of this luxurious, non-irritating blend of pure cane sugar crystals and skin-softening Safflower Oil.
Made with Rich Natural Ingredients
Paraben-Free Professional Grade Formulation

Body scrubs are great for all over body cleansing, exfoliation, and for exciting circulation. Our Glowing Skin Sugar Scrub will both refine and soften the skins texture in one easy step. Sugar is naturally an emollient, a mild emulsifier, and a humectant which helps soften and soothe the skin. It is often used to correct dryness and scaling. The sugar grains used in our formulation easily dissolve on the skin while providing excellent exfoliation properties.
It is formulated to gently slough away dull cells, rinse clean, leaving your skin with a soft sensual glow.


We have an impressive assortment of beneficial additives for you. You can customize any of our Personal Care Bases with them, boosting their skin and hair benefits with each addition.
You should always take the time to read our mixing instructions and do you research and testing on small batches before committing yourself to larger quantities.
Use these Additives to create your own custom Personal Care Products!

Beach Bum Body Scrub

Not Just For Fall
  • 90% Glowing Sugar Scrub
  • 10% Walnut Shell Powder.This scrub looks just like beach sand and so will be relatively abrasive. It is great for your body, especially the rough spots on your hands, feet and elbows!
    You can add Oxides to give it color or Clay to boost its skin cleansing capabilities. There are many more options available on our website for you to choose from.


    Beach Hair

    Coconut, Tahitian Monoi Blossoms and just a hint of sweet citrus.


    At the Beach

    Caribbean Coconut mingled with Tahitian Monoi Blossoms wafting on a gentle breeze.


    Mahogany Coconut

    Inspired by the Bath &
    Body Works fragrance


    Garden of Eden Fragrance Oil

    Sweet Tropical Fruits & Monoi Blossoms

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