Summer Essentials – Make Your Own Aloe Vera Sunburn Relief Gel

All of us have probably stayed out in the sun too long at least once in our lives. I’ve regretted not bringing along a hat and sunscreen many times while out at the stadium for a few hours, or while oversleeping on the beach! A sunburn is no joke though, the pain can be intense and the cell damage permanent.

Therefore, the best advice is prevention. Wearing the right, protective clothing for the activity you are doing is the first step. Wear a hat when possible, along with long sleeves and something to cover your neck. Anything left exposed should be slathered with a good quality sunscreen and re-applied according to the manufacturers instructions.

Aloe Vera has long been used for sunburn relief. It’s thick, cooling sensation is a welcome relief to sunburn sufferers. We use our Aloe Vera Gel Base to make our very favorite Sunburn Relief Gel. Adding select Botanical Extracts and Essential Oils completes this soothing formula.


Soothing and Cooling Relief

Our Aloe Vera Gel Base is thick and clear. Care should be taken not to over stir to avoid incorporating too much air.

To make your Sunburn Relief Gel, simply add up to 1% Essential Oils and up to 1% Botanical Extracts to the desired amount of Aloe Vera Gel Base


For a 16oz Bottle that would be about 7-12 drops of Essential Oil/Botanical Extract.

Aloe Vera Gel Base
When applied to the skin, Aloe forms a protective layer that helps retain and replenish moisture. The vitamins and antioxidant qualities of Aloe Vera allow your skin to heal from sunburns at a faster rate.
Apply our Sunburn Relief Gel generously to any part of your skin that is sunburned. Most effective when the Gel has been refrigerated to add even more cooling effect.
Use our Batch Recipe Calculator  to easily customize your recipe.




Polysorbate 20 Solubilizer

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Prevention is the Key

Our Aloe Vera Sunburn Relief Gel is actually one product we hope you never have to use. Why? Needing to use it means that you didn’t protect yourself properly from the sun in the first place and when it comes to sunburns, prevention is the key.

We cannot overstate the importance of careful and diligent application of good quality sunscreen is to your skins’ health. Long term skin damage can only be prevented if you take the time to protect it. It is incredibly difficult to correct the damage that can be easily prevented by us using sunscreens properly.

If you do find yourself needing relief, our Aloe gel will definitely help. The Gel is most effective if refrigerated as that accentuate its cooling effect. Spread on the gel and allow it to dry on the sunburned areas of your skin. Provides relief only for minor sunburns, serious burns should be looked at by your doctor. Stop using Aloe Gel if pain persists or if skin grows more irritated after applying.

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