Organic Sucrose

Organic Sucrose is a coarse brown sugar with a medium grain. Also known as turbinado sugar, it is similar in taste to the  brown sugar you find in your cupboard. However there are key differences that make it better for personal care rather than baking. First of all it has a lower water content than regular brown sugar does, so it holds its shape and takes longer to dissolve. Second of all the grain is much bigger and it is lighter because it has a lower molasses content.\

This is sometimes called raw cane sugar because it is less processed than white and brown sugar. Turbinado sugar is pulled from the first-strike of cane syrup during molasses manufacturing (source 1). Our Turbinado Sugar is also certified Organic.

Organic Sucrose Uses

Turbinado Sugar works great in scrubs, and polishes. We use it in our Pumpkin Sugar Scrub. It is a fantastic raw ingredient that makes a good additive for everything from soaps to scalp exfoliating treatments. Garnish your cold process soap or bath bombs with this special ingredient. The sky is the limit when it comes to working with our raw materials.

Bases that contain Organic Sucrose

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Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Base


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