Menthol is a main component of peppermint. It is used in small amounts as an ingredient that is used to create a cooling sensation. However, it is used in small amounts because it is very strong and concentrated. Menthol comes in crystals that are solid at room temperature but melt at slightly warmer room temperatures. These menthol crystals are easily dissolved in alcohol or water. It is important to know that menthol crystals should be used in small amounts. And you should avoid touching your eyes after handling the crystals or using a product with menthol.

Menthol Cosmetic Uses

Menthol can be used in a plethora of products. It can be used in an aftershave, massage lotion, or in extremely small amounts for a leg mask. However, keep in mind that menthol crystals are highly concentrated and should be used in very small amounts.

Post workout leg mask with tightening algae extract and cooling menthol crystals.

Bases that contain Menthol

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Aftershave Gel Base

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