Charcoal or Binchotan White Charcoal Powder stands out from just regular black charcoal. It is made from the Japanese Ubame Oak tree. Keep in mind this powder is not white. It is called white charcoal because of the way it is processed. The barks surface turns white when burned because of the nutrients in the wood. However, at the end of the process, the powder is jet black. And because of this process, the powder is able to absorb all sorts of impurities from the skin and hair. Plus, a little charcoal goes a long way. Products are pitch black when charcoal is added.

Sulfate-Free Charcoal Cleansing Scrub
Sulfate-Free Charcoal Cleansing Scrub

Charcoal in Cosmetics

The charcoal powder can be used from head to toe for a deep cleaning. Or it can be used in formulations for color. For example, it is used in many mascara formulas or as a natural black colorant in soap. When deep cleaning and absorption of excess oils is needed, you can add it to shampoo, soap, face masks, body washes, and scrubs.

Artisanal Black Gardeners Soap
Artisanal Black Soap base used to make a scrubby


Bases that contain Charcoal

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Artisanal Black Charcoal Sulfate Free Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base

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