Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub

A Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub is a sensory treat for your bath or shower. The combination of a luxurious whipped bath butter, and exfoliating sugar scrub is what makes it special. This recipe can be tailored to fit any niche, so you can make a version that includes your favorite fragrances, additives or colors! The basic recipe is simple and fit for any crafting level.

Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub

This recipe just requires three key ingredients. Other additives such as color, oils, or other exfoliates are decided by you the creator. However, I will give you a variety of options that I love to use.

Main Parts:
  1. 85% Sugar (Granulated or Turbinado is OK)
  2. 14% Foaming Bath Whip Base
  3. 1% Fragrance or Essential Oil

Simply whip all of the ingredients together using a hand or standing mixer, they both work equally well. However, keep in mind that you should avoid over mixing this product, for it could cause it to collapse. While still usable, it simply does not look as decadent.

Recipe Variations & Ideas

Here are some complimentary ideas, and recipes for different renditions of the Foaming Sugar Scrub. Use them for inspiration and add your own twist.

Sugary Unicorn Whip

Foaming Unicorn Scrub, topped with a soap horn and glitter.

You will need:

  1. Foaming Sugar Scrub recipe listed above
  2. Liquid Colorants: Blue and Pink
  3. Glitter, for mixing and sprinkling

Split the batch into three parts, making one larger than the other two parts. Then mix in 3 drops at a time of pink colorant and a teaspoon of glitter into one of the smaller batch parts. Repeat with the other small part and blue colorant.

Then add all parts into your containers and lightly swirl until you achieve the look you want. Finish it off with a sprinkle of glitter.

Sea Foam Sugar Scrub Whip

Sea Foam Scrub topped with soap shells and coarse salt.

You will need:

  1. Foaming Sugar Scrub recipe from above.
  2. Liquid Colorant: Blue
  3. Coarse Bath Salts

Separate the batch into two parts.

Dark Matter Cleansing Scrub

Foaming Sugar Scrub With Activated Charcoal

You will need:

  1. Foaming Sugar Scrub recipe listed above.
  2. Binchotan Activated Charcoal
  3. Small amount of any oil (Enough to dissolve the charcoal)

First dissolve the charcoal into the oil of your choice until it’s as dark as ink. Then add the charcoal mixture with your fragrance oil. Add as much or as little until you get the shade of grey you need.





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