Sunny Day Skin Care

Starting the day off right with proper Skin Care

Most people love a day at the beach or just enjoying a warm day out, however sometimes the sun is stronger than expected. Healthy skin care practices are your first defense, keeping your skin hydrated is key to soaking up some sun. It is important to inform customers about the importance of using sunblock when going out in the golden rays. Constant application of an appropriate SPF is preventative care.

After Sun Soothing Mist

For skin that is a little too sun kissed (not burnt), maybe a tad irritated, we have some solutions to offer your sun beat customers. If your market is in a high tourist traffic sunny destination, consider trying these recipes.

Our Essentials By Catalina Aloe Gel Base  is a great skin cooling product. It is clear and absorbs quickly into the skin. The gel base is packed with benefits found in raw aloe, including properties that reduce skin inflammation. Applied to the skin, it creates a cooling effect, perfect for after sun application. Botanical extracts such as our Cucumber Extract and our Chamomile Extract can easily be added to further enhance benefits.

After Sun Soothing Mist

Batch recipe
Batch Recipe

This recipe will make about a gallon of product. You can revise this recipe at /wp/33/tools-and-calculators/batch-calculator/. This is a fairly easy recipe, the only equipment you will need will be a gallon, or a large mixing container suitable for liquids, a smaller container (about 8 oz container), and a scale.

STEP 1: Measure and mix these ingredients inside your container:

  • DI Water
  • Aloe Extract: protects and moisturizes the skin.
  • Cucumber Extract: Cooling and naturally soothing.
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant, helps improve appearance.
  • PF 64: Non-Paraben preservative, it is important to use preservatives to ensure no mold, bacteria, yeast, or fungus form in your product.

STEP 2: In the smaller container, mix the Poly 20 and peppermint essential oil until combined and add to the water mixture.

To use this product, spray liberally on skin after a day under the sun.

Sun Burnt

Steaming lobster
Sun Burnt?

Even with the best preventative care some skin types are just prone to burning. Most cases are consisted of falling asleep while tanning or just over extended prediction of sunblock protection. Weather its just a light burn or Lobster red, try these remedies to offer your customers.

Oats! They have been used for ages to sooth all sorts of skin irritations, and are a natural sun burn remedy. Colloidal oatmeal has anti itch and anti inflammatory properties. We carry colloidal oatmeal that can be used 100% in a bath, or mixed with sodium bicarbonate and corn starch.

Oatmeal sulfate free bubble bath: Our sulfate free bubble bath is a gentle cleanser with mild surfactants. The sulfate free bubble bath is made with skin loving aloe, acai berry, and green tea extracts. The extra thick formula makes it able to carry allot of additives, such as colloidal oatmeal and oils. We suggest this product not be used on new burns. The bubble bath must be used within 24 hours of being mixed.

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