Sulfate-Free Charcoal Cleansing Scrub

Sulfate-free charcoal cleansing scrub utilizes our Coconut Liquid Soap Base as a cleansing agent for a naturally derived personal care product. It uses simple ingredients for a simple ingredient listing. This sulfate-free charcoal cleansing scrub was tested on an oily skinned person and a dry skinned person.  And both skin types thought it was not too drying and not too oily. To use the scrub, generously apply an amount to the desired area. Gently massage into the skin and then rinse it off. Use it in the shower or as part of your morning face cleanser.

Sulfate-Free Charcoal Cleansing Scrub Recipe

This is a really simple ingredient list. It is important to use a preservative in this recipe. Although, the recipe has no water content. If any water is left with the scrub in the jar, the whole jar could go bad. Bacteria and mold grow rapidly in non-preserved water. That is why it is important to use a preservative in water-based products and products that may hold standing water.


  1. Combine all of the dry ingredients in a mixing container large enough to fit your full batch. Make sure all the clay and charcoal is completely dispersed.

    whisk all the dry ingredients until they are well incorporated.
  2. Then, combine all of the oils, Coconut Oil Liquid Soap, and preservative in another container.

    Wet ingredients will look like an egg when mixed
  3. Finally, Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. We recommend using a spatula for the final mixing.

    The color will change when you are mixing.

In conclusion, you can use this recipe base for the body and face. Such as a men’s all in one face and body wash. For a finer scrub, you can use a finer grain sugar. Or if you want more scrubbing power for the body, you can substitute the regular granulated sugar for the turbinado sugar. Going on the product will look jet black, but as you scrub, the product will turn a light grey. When rinsed off, the skin will feel soft, supple, and moisturized. For a more cleansing product, add more coconut oil liquid soap in place of the oils. If you want to adjust this recipe, feel free to use our batch calculator found here.

Final product

Recommended Packaging Methods

Individual single-use packets will suit this product well, and if you do pack them in single-use packets. Since the packet will only be used once, no water will be sitting in the product.

Regular jars with tight lids would suit this product as well. Clear jars will show off the jet black color of the product.

Sulfate-Free Charcoal Cleansing Scrub
Sulfate-Free Charcoal Cleansing Scrub



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