Solid Body Scrub?

There are tons of ways to make a scrub. However, some may think that scrubs in a jar are just too messy, especially for the shower.

Essentials by Catalina decided to come up with a solution, and here it is – a Solid Salt Scrub recipe. It comes in bar form, so no jar needed. You can easily substitute the salt for sugar, and add fragrance and color of your choice. It includes our Lotion Bar Base, which is chock full of moisturizers like Shea Butter, Cacao Butter, Argan Oil, and much more. It also includes our Melt & Pour Soap, you can use any of our in house made soap bases. This recipe is for one pound, if you wish to customize this recipe visit our batch calculator.

This solid scrub will work fantastic in the bath or shower, especially in a steam shower.

You will also need:

  • 2 Heat Resistant Containers (suitable for the size of your batch)
  • Heat Source (microwave or hot plate)
  • Large Mixing Bowl (suitable to your full batch size)
  • Mixing Tool
  • Gloves
  • Scale
  • Mold of your choice (suitable to your batch size)
  • *optional: if you wish to add color, use either powder or liquid.


  • Mix the dry ingredients in the larger bowl , including colorant if using.
  • Melt Lotion Bar Base, and Soap Base in separate containers.
  • Add fragrance and liquid colorant  if using, to soap base, then add the melted lotion base, mixing after each addition.
  • Incorporate then add  to the powdered ingredients. Use mixing tool! Mixture will be hot!
  • Once it is well mixed and is cooled enough to handle, use gloved hands to press into your mold.
  • Let settle over night, remove from the mold

Batch Recipe

Lotion Bar & Balm Base

Solid at room temperature but melts on contact w

ith the skin, leaving a thin film of moisturizing lotion.

Granulated Sugar

Dead Sea Salts

This all-purpose sugar is perfect for your creations, be it foaming bath whip or sugar scrubs..

Sodium Bicarbonate

Key ingredient for bath fizzing powder, or to be molded into solid bars.

Fragrances & Essential Oils

Choose from our amazing selection of Pure Essential Oils and Cosmetic Grade Fragrance Oils

 Make it your own!

Here are some ideas that you can add to your recipe to make it unique.

  • Adding dried flowers such as lavender or rose buds.
  • Adding extra exfoliates such as coffee grounds, or cacao nibs.
  • Making layers of colors
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