Snowball Bath Bomb Recipe

Winter is coming…

Kick it off right by indulging yourself with a glittery, shimmery bath. These bath bombs are festive, foamy and so much fun to use. Stack them up in your shop or bathroom and people will be itching to start a snowball fight.

This is an easy recipe, however keep in mind it will be a bit messy.

Snowball Bath Bomb Recipe

For this recipe you will simply need our Classic Bath Bomb Recipe. The main difference being that you will need to add Glitter and or Mica for a snowball effect.

You will need:

Snowball Bath Bomb recipe
Snowball Bath Bomb Recipe



  1. Sift together all of the ingredients listed above, including the glitter, in a large bowl.
  2. Spritz with alcohol until the mass just holds together when squeezed.
  3. Press into the molds and release them into a surface to dry.
  4. Sprinkle with glitter while they are still fresh from the mold.
  5. Let dry for 24 hours.


This batch recipe will make about 2 Bath Bombs.  You may multiply if you want to double, triple, or even tenfold the recipe.

Snowball Inspired Fragrances


If you mix our Midnight Sky Glitter and our Rose Gold Glitter, a new color combination emerges. The Rose Gold shines orange, pink, and green; meanwhile the Midnight Sky shines purple, blue, and aqua. Together they shine like Multi-Color Christmas lights.

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