Shower Sorbet Recipe, fruity and scrub.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… Sorbet? Nothing screams cooling off on a warm day like sweet, refreshing sorbet. Our version of this fruity, treat was inspired by recently finding the yummy concoction on spring dessert menus everywhere. Our shower sorbet recipe will bring this same refreshing spring and summer delight to your very own shower!

The Recipe begins with our Sugar and Shea Body Polish because it is thick and ultra-rich. We then added Fizzie Bath Powder to give it a luxurious smoothness and also soften your bath or shower water. You can tell your customers to keep the shower sorbet in the refrigerator so it is cool for a hot day. Top it off with glitter for presentation, it’ll look and smell good enough to eat.

Do Not Eat The Shower Sorbet!

Make sure you instruct customers to supervise children if they are using this product. Most importantly this product is not edible and may cause harm if ingested. We stress this because the shower sorbet looks so much like the real thing!

Shower Sorbet Recipe (Basic)

Shower Sorbet Recipe
Variety of scrubs.

This is a very simple recipe to make, the basics you need are:

Mixing Instructions

Blackberry vanilla with glitter sorbet scrub.
  1. Measure out your Sugar and Shea Body Polish into a bowl.
  2. Add all the fragrance, and colorant a few drops at a time. Make the scrub slightly on the dark side, because when you add the fizzie powder, It will lighten the scrub.
  3. Finally, add the fizzie powder and mix until there is no visible powder.

*tip* For advertising and display purposes, the shower sorbet looks fantastic when scooped with an ice cream scoop!


Lime Margarita Inspired Shower Sorbet Scrub.

Summer Peach Sorbet: Rainbow sherbet F.O. make it peach colored (2:1 ratio of orange to pink). Sprinkle the top of the filled scrub with Rose Gold Glitter.

Refreshing Lime Margarita Sorbet: Lime E.O. For a margarita inspired touch garnish with extra large grain bath salts.

Watermelon Crush Sorbet: Luscious watermelon F.O. colored with cherry soap colorant. For an extra twist on this creation, use poppy seeds throughout for an extra fruity vibes.

Mixed Berry Sorbet: Blackberry Vanilla F.O. colored with violet soap colorant.

Toasted Coconut Sorbet: Caribbean Coconut F.O.: For extra texture and aesthetic, add irradiated toasted coconut flakes to the mixture.

Lavender Lemon Poppy Sorbet: Coconut lavender Lemonade F.O.  with poppy seeds 

Want to try this on your own?

Get everything needed for a 10 pound batch of Shower Sorbet Base by clicking here. There will be left over materials. Be sure to include any colors or scents you may want to try.

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